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What's This?
Hello, My Name Is Seth Ciasulli
Here Are Things That I'm Interested In

Here will be every blog post that I write on this website, from newest to oldest. I have many sections up top like gaming, movies, music, etc. So if you'd like a little bit more organization, click on some of those buttons up top. I will create YouTube videos for each post and spread the awareness of them all over my social media things. This is me being silly, inspirational, serious, and non-sensical.

  • My Plans On How To Grow An Audience

    So you want to grow an audience on the internet? Not just on Twitch, but on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc? Great, because so do I, and together we can make this happen. So what I'm going to do is compile a list of objectives that I want to follow up on. You can call them tips. You can call this ...

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  • An Introduction To My "Internet Career"

    Well hello! Seth Ciasulli here, though most of my friends and family have always called me Spark. Nice to meet you. This is the first video like this that I've ever created, so be easy on me. I have put out a lot of video content in the past, but it was mostly through streaming and therefore the foc...

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