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July 30, 2019
Advice I Wish I Could Take For Myself
My Plans On How To Grow An Audience

So you want to grow an audience on the internet? Not just on Twitch, but on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc? Great, because so do I, and together we can make this happen.

So what I'm going to do is compile a list of objectives that I want to follow up on. You can call them tips. You can call this a guide. Really, this will be a place where I can put down my thoughts and collect together advice that people have given who have made it on the internet. These are people who are very popular in their different fields and therefor make a nice income doing what they love to do.

  • Manage your expectations: It won't happen overnight.
  • Building a community is not for everyone, it requires skills people don't have the time for or don't have the skill set for.
  • Make a Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. Essential to community building and reaching a new audience.
  • Do not stream initially, start creating content on these platforms (video) for people to use. Create guides, game play videos, tips & tricks, videos like that. Use hashtags, build Twitter/Instagram/YouTube first. Link to Twitch through those videos and grow somewhat of a presence on those platforms. It's very hard to grow on Twitch, but easier on other platforms due to better discovery.
  • Be active on whatever game forums that you are targeting. Be active on Discords, forums, reddit, and other communities.
  • If you're doing that and not getting any followers, you're not doing it properly or your content is just bad.
  • Stream, but have a very moderate schedule. 2 hours per day for 3-4 days per week. Don't waste your time streaming 8 hours for 3 people to watch you. It's not about streaming for 8 hours, it's about testing the waters and seeing how well things are transitioning from your other social media platforms. Hype up those streams on social media, give people and incentive to watch. Say, we'll be recording a video on this stream, or doing a giveaway. Don't do giveaways too often. Just once per week, $10 gift card, something light and easy.
  • Eventually, collaborate with different people of similar size communities. Get involved in their communities.
  • Be personal with your audience. Respond to every single comment, every single question. Have a personal presence. It's an advantage over bigger streamers because they can't do that.
  • Know your strengths and use those.
  • Always look to add value. What can you do to add value into what you're doing? Every post should have some purpose surrounding it, some need that you're trying to fill. If no one gets any value out of what you're posting then you're probably posting the wrong things and people won't follow you for it. Plan these things out.
  • Everyone who is big considers themselves to be very lucky. They say they went on the grind and somewhere something just clicked and it took off. The main thing is it doesn't happen right away. Most people seem to find success on places other than Twitch first.
  • Perspective matters. Don't consume yourself with numbers. Get comfortable, because presumably this is something that you'll be doing for the rest of your life.