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November 8, 2019
Advice I Wish I Could Take For Myself
Know What Your Strengths Are, And Play Off Of Them

Understand where you are in life. Grow to know what your strengths are so that you can play off of them. Work on your weaknesses so that you may round out your character and your passions, but don't rely on them. Do not spend time on anyone or anything that compromises your character.

So I ask myself, "What am I good at?" Let's do this right now in regard to streaming video games. I was never incredibly talented at playing video games, but I do enjoy the process. I'm very intuitive, I can figure things out quickly, but I'm not great at mastering those skills. Having said that, I do feel like I'm good at relaying back the information in my own words. In terms of streaming, this means I shouldn't be too competitive. I shouldn't try to go pro. I've learned that when I'm too competitive I don't get that many viewers.

For example: When I played Overwatch, I always got more viewers when I played Quick Play instead of competitive. While playing Super Mario Maker 2, I always got more viewers when I did Super Expert No-Skips, instead of grinding out an incredibly difficult level for hours. It usually takes me longer to beat a hard level than bigger streamers. So while I'm pretty good at the game, I'm not as good as them, so I shouldn't focus on doing what they're doing. They're better than me, so they'll get the viewers because of that. Plus, I'll be way more focused on the game and less on the people in my channel, which isn't good for me either.

If I'm too focused on the game then people miss out on me displaying my personality. Instead, I should focus on what I am good at. Super Expert No-Skip gives me the opportunity to teach people about the game and explain where you can find cheese or possible exploits. It also allows me to goof off and not take it so seriously, which makes me a more fun person to hang out with in general. If I'm playing a game like Fortnite, I should be playing with people or other groups so I can allow them to carry me a little while I provide interesting commentary. People don't like to sit there and watch you fail at things over and over.

So this means if I stream and play video games, I have to do it in a way that I'm not taking it seriously, I'm playing more casually, and I'm teaching or informing people about the game itself. Self-awareness is very important. You need to apply it and figure out where you stand on things in order to find real success.

Don't fool yourself. Trying to be something you're not can lead to a great deal of stress and disappointment. I did hear advice about streaming once where they said: Find out what gets you more viewers, and do that more. This can be applied to many things in life.

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