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My Little Blog
Things that cross my mind from time to time.
Giving advice that I wish I could take for myself.

I don't know who else is like me, I imagine a lot of people, but I'm always looking for self help. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with that or wrong with me. I'm just always in search of inspiration or new ways of looking at things.

My thoughts can often be encased in my own little world. I would like to know and understand different perspectives and take as much as I can from the advice that can be offered from the most random places.

Sometimes I have revelations, where I feel like I gained a bit of understanding of the world or had an 'aha' moment where I suddenly understand something a little bit better. This is an effort to help preserve those feelings and maybe pass on the advice to someone who needs it more than I.

  • Using Twitter To Grow Your Brand

    Jump into conversations and add your two cents. You don't need to ask random questions, just add information, knowledge, jokes, whatever. Recommended is 50-500 conversations per day.

    6 months ago Read More
  • No One Will Care About Your Opinion Until You Start Giving It

    I've had this idea for a long, long time. I feel like in order for people to really care what you have to say, you have to first start talking and giving your opinion on it. There are always going to be people who dislike your opinion, but that's not the point. Whether they like it or not they may s...

    11 months ago Read More
  • How To Grow An Internet Community

    The point of this post is to compile a list of advice from not only myself, but other successful figures around the internet. This post is aimed at video game YouTubers and/or streamers, but you can apply these tips to anything I suppose. You can call them tips. You can call this a guide. These are ...

    11 months ago Read More
  • Setting Small Goals Will Help Your Sense Of Progression

    If you go through life without any real goals, then you'll always feel like a hamster on a wheel. You feel like there is no end to what you're doing, and you'll be disinterested. Instead, define clear goals, and then work to achieve those goals. Make them small. Write down a plan, a list of items, a...

    11 months ago Read More
  • Know What Your Strengths Are, And Play Off Of Them

    Understand where you are in life. Grow to know what your strengths are so that you can play off of them. Work on your weaknesses so that you may round out your character and your passions, but don't rely on them. Do not spend time on anyone or anything that compromises your character. So I ask myse...

    11 months ago Read More